eWitches NFT Collection

Manga characters become NFTs!

eWitches NFT collection

eWitches are collectable NFTs depicting potential characters in an upcoming manga series about a modern magical world and their experiences in magic school. Sponsor an eWitch through her apprenticeship and see what kind of role she may play.

Future Hopes

Depending on the success of the eWitches collection I hope to put a good percentage of the profits back in to the development of future projects such as:​

eWitches Manga

Full length eWitches manga. It is a story about strong and confident witches and their adventures in magic school based in modern Japan.

Metaverse Avatars

Metaverse avatars of each respective eWitch bought or currently holding

Digital distribution of the manga

Publishing on various manga distribution services with the goal of distributing worldwide. (Which distribution service will be used is yet to be determined.)

Road Map

Minting and listing schedules

Each eWitch is fully drawn by myself without the help of any generation tools.  With that being said, I wanted to take a different approach on the number of items that will be part of the collection.

  1. Making 50 eWitches
  2. Start working on manga when all 50 are sold out.
  3. Each character design sheet will be distributed.

Who am I?

eWitches Creator

Hi! My name is aoiao and sometimes go by aoteen. I am an illustrator and manga artist. I have been working hard to establish my own style, and I am trying to connect this NFT collection to Manga. I also worked with SONY MUSIC, Universal Music, UMUSIC, Hinode Publishing, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, and more! …Ream More

Aoi Ao

Illustrator/Manga Artist


株式会社オフィスオーガスタ様、SONYミュージック様, UMUSIC様, 日之出出版様, 明治安田生命様、株式会社MERY様、株式会社yutori様、株式会社イドエンターテイメント様、株式会社ドリーミュージック様、他

Let’s go on an adventure!

Sponsor an eWitch through her apprenticeship and see what kind of role she may play.